Sunday, January 20, 2013

Baby Shades

With 60 degree days (in Denver), I am already dreaming about summer at the pool.  There are so many cute things that always come out for the kiddies, but I am beginning to think my little one should start to wear sunglasses. 
Each and every time I perch some on his head- he swiftly tears them off, unless of course they are his mama's in which case he proudly wears the oversized frames like a true hipster.

I just ordered him some Real Kids Shades because they have the wrap around strap.  I don't think they are the coolest looking things, but I suppose the point is to protect his eyes... 
Real Kids Shades My First Shades Sunglasses
If my little babe would allow sunglasses, I would really love for him to have some Babiators
Babiators Classic Babiators
Aren't they just so cute?!  He would be such a little dude in them. 

But until he stops tearing them off- he gets the wrap around.

So I ask you moms- what do your kids wear?? Do they even wear sunglasses or just a hat??
What is the best way to tackle the sun year round? 

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