Monday, December 10, 2012

The White House Christmas 2012

I missed the HGTV White House Christmas special over the weekend- but happily got to see some pictures of the amazing decorations that were put up this year.  I love that the Obamas dog, Bo, was a centerpiece in the decorations this year- and that the official tree is dedicated to US troops, veterans, and military families.  There are actually 54 trees throughout the White House- now that is some serious decorating!!
The Blue Room tree- decorated with ornaments made by the children living on US military bases.
20,000 pom poms and 80 hours later, a topiary Bo is created.
A children's wonderland in the East Garden Room.

Since the 1960's a White House gingerbread house is on display.  Absolutely fantastic!

The entire photo tour is over at HGTV- check it out! 

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