Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I was out browsing today in a cute shop on South Pearl Street, called "5", and overheard a girl talking about the funny pickle ornament... 
She had no idea what the pickle is all about- so in honor of the stranger that was unaware- 
The Christmas Pickle. On Christmas Eve, you lay out the pickle ornament in front of the tree with the milk and cookies for Santa. Then, Santa hides the pickle ornament. In the morning, the first person to find the pickle ornament receives an extra present from Santa - a tradition from the 20s.

The pickle ornament is an old German tradition- some people leave it out for Santa, then Santa hides it in the tree when he comes and the first person to find the pickle gets an extra present.  Other people have the parents hide in on Christmas Eve and the children look for it in the morning. Regardless of who hides it, whoever finds it gets an extra gift!  
Sounds like a good tradition to me!!

Speaking of pickles- do yourself a favor and look for Sonoma Brinery Spicy Bread and Butter Pickles at Whole Foods.  They are amazing!!

and ps. 
It's good to be back!!

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