Monday, December 10, 2012

Mama Musts

Something is in the water right now-
in the past couple of weeks several of my friends have announced that they are expecting!  Woohoo! 
So in honor of all the new mama's to-be- here is my latest roundup of pregnant mama essentials. 

First off, I just saw and have fallen in love with Perry Mackin Diaper Bags.  They are stylish and practical, with compartments for bottles and binkies- and are all under $200.  I like that they are chic enough to actually carry and don't scream "diaper bag".
The Zoey Bag
The Harper Bag
The HATCH Collection has been getting a lot of attention lately, and rightly so... 
I love the idea of investing in a couple really great pieces that can carry you throughout pregnancy and after- and not in the "bridesmaid dress you can wear again" kind of way.  We all know that no one ever wears a bridesmaid dress again, and the last thing that new moms want to do is put on maternity clothes after the delivery.  
But these pieces are things I want to wear all the time.
The Shirt Dress Short
The Shirt Dress Short
The Boyfriend Sweater
The Boyfriend Sweater
Every person out there needs to have a pot of Kiehls Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter.  I leave it on my nightstand and slather my hands and arms with it before bed each night.  But pregnant moms could use this on their belly's and I bet it would be incredible!
, , large
The best maternity jeans out there are Gap.  The designer jeans are not nearly as comfortable and fit as well.   Wouldn't you rather save your money to buy a cute pair that you can wear longer than 9 months?!
Gap 1969 Demi Panel Always Skinny Jeans
A good scarf/wrap really is something one can't have enough of.  I like a peppy color or print to perk up those subdued winter clothes, and even more bland maternity clothes.  It really can make all the difference in an outfit, keep a mama warm, and later be used to cover up a little while nursing.  This one is JCrew (and is on sale!).
Wide cashmere wrap
Congrats to all the pregnant mamas out there!  It really is such a joy and a blessing to have a bambino on the way.
And, for the record (because everyone keeps asking), I am NOT pregnant :)

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  1. what a cute post, i'm sure all your mommy friends love all your great tips!