Monday, October 1, 2012

FAMILY by Novogratz

This season while watching Home by Novogratz, I have been loving the FAMILY lightboxes in their home.  They were looking very reminiscent of the FAMILY rug they designed for CB2, and now I know why.  Here is the rug...
Family Rug
 This week they will be going on sale at CB2 and only 285 are going to be sold!  If you have the right home and space, they would be an amazing edition! 
Pinned Image
The CB2 boxes replace the family ones that used to be in their home- remember these?  I also remember them using lightboxes in client projects as well.  A good signature piece for them...
Cortney and Bob- aren't they adorable!?

I am wondering what else they have designed for CB2- I'm guessing some tabletop accessories and maybe even chairs?  Whatever they do, I know it will be fun, colorful, and well designed.  Love them. 

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  1. Really enjoying your blog. Wishing the family well in the Rockies. The Delias.