Monday, October 22, 2012

A Holiday Treat

Now THIS is the holiday experience your kids won't forget.
(available on Gilt)
 A stay at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco with a one hour photo shoot in the life-size gingerbread house. 
The gingerbread house is actually made of real gingerbread- thousands of pounds of gingerbread, chocolate, candies, and frosting!!!  YUM! 

The Fairmont San Francisco

The Fairmont San Francisco

The Fairmont San Francisco
Have you ever seen anything like it?! 

It has to be one of the most special holiday treats out there- and top it off with shopping and seeing all the beautiful holiday window displays at Union Square, what a fabulous weekend!  Taking kids to see the animals that the SPCA puts in the Macy's windows is so fun too!   
Okay Halloween and Thanksgiving, I'm starting to feel like you can move along so we can get ready for the real holiday season!  

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