Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's Good To Be Home

What a crazy and hectic past couple of weeks!  We just moved from California to Colorado a week ago and are finally getting settled in to our new home. 
As someone that has moved 20+ times since I turned 18- I am no stranger to packing and unpacking- but this time doing it with my little bambino was more challenging.  It took a lot of planning, help from family and friends, and several glasses of wine to get me through- but we couldn't be happier to be in our new home!  (and to finally have our Internet working!!!)
I finally am able to hang the Wayne Thiebaud (a Sacramento artist- my hometown!) poster that I have had sitting since before Jackson was born in his room... It suddenly transformed his room from a nursery to a "big boy" room. 
 But, I love it in there and he points at it- so I know he likes it too!

 My mom was here visiting this past week- helping us get settled- which also meant shopping for the random things that you need when you move into a new space...
  We hit up West Elm for some fun accessories and necessities.
I love these vases to fill the void on my mantle right now.
Colored Cylinder Vases
Colored Cylinder Vases
The metallic silver tray looks great on my bathroom counter-
Small Rectangular Lacquer Trays
We also took a couple trips to The Container Store- I think I could spend hours in that store- there are so many fun things to buy, but my favorites were some new acrylic organizers for my makeup
Large Stacking Acrylic Trays
 and a hanging jewelry organizer to de-clutter my jewelry box and to see what I own
Canvas 80 Pocket Jewelry Hanging Organizer
No major purchases yet, but I'm doing lots of daydreaming about the goodness to come!  


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