Thursday, August 16, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Sometimes there are some good things that come from having to pack your entire house, and not just getting rid of stuff.  I love when I find old things that I haven't seen in years, or things that bring up old memories...

Remember when the "it" bag was an Esprit tote?! 
It was the coolest thing to carry to school, actually, anything Esprit was awesome and meant that you were one really cool kid and totally fashionable!  
Large vintage Red Cotton ESPRIT Tote Bag . Canvas . Multi Colored Lettering 80s
Esprit Tote on Etsy Shop Good Grace
I also found another really cool item in the closet at my parents house.  The original Nintendo Game Boy.  So cool.  I still have the games, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Apparently I thought that was really fun in 1990.
Nintendo Gameboy.jpg

Another huge part of my youth that I have been really into lately is Beverly Hills 90210.  I actually never stopped being into it.  The Soap Opera Network has given me the pleasure of hanging out with the "gang" daily- and oh do I love them!  
Always such pressing story lines. 
Like yesterday when Kelly dressed promiscuously on Halloween and was almost raped and her best friend Brenda basically told her that it happened because her dress was slutty and she "told her so".  Nice friend!!
Really compelling TV! 
And how about how all of them were waaaaay to old to be playing high schoolers, especially Andrea who looked (and was at least) 35 at the time!  Not that 35 is old! 
Notice how she is the only girl not in a bikini.  Hmm...
I could go on forever... 
I would like to add that I do not *sit* and watch 90210, but listen to the deep and touching stories while I am packing the house or doing whatever it is that I do.   

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  1. I love all the childhood stuff. I have been watching Dawsons Creek on Netflix (90s but not really childhood) and it is crazy! Much different than I remember it. It's always fun to go back and reminisce.