Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Travel Must-Haves

If you have travelled lately I am sure you couldn't help but notice that the airports are full of families taking summer vacations.  
We sat at the Denver airport a couple weeks ago and I felt like all I saw were moms channeling Goldie Hawn in Overboard (one of my favorite movies!!).  Rascal-ly kids everywhere, fussy babies, stressed parents, and annoyed everyone-else! 
Goldie Hawn and the kids in Overboard
It seemed that part of the problem was that the parents were frazzled and not really well organized enough to handle all that can go on in an airport or plane. 

So here are some of my top things that we like to travel with in attempt to not feel like Goldie Hawn.
UPPA Baby G-LUXE Stroller
I am a HUGE fan of UPPA Baby.  We love our G-LUXE stroller so much- it is so easy to fold and unfold, has a shoulder strap, sun-shade, and cup holder.  We bought it when Jackson was just a few months old because it is the only umbrella stroller that reclines enough for an infant.  It is all-around awesome and the best umbrella stroller around. 
Eddie Bauer® Pop-Up Booster Seat
Eddie Bauer Pop-Up Booster Seat
We love the Eddie Bauer Pop-Up Booster Seat.  I find that it attaches very tightly to any chair and the baby gets buckled in properly.  It folds up nicely, is easy to clean, and has been really great in many situations.  And sometimes you need to strap your child into a chair to get something done- this will help you!
liam the brave
Aden & Anais swaddles- liam the brave
It wouldn't be right to leave the Aden & Anais muslin swaddles off my list.  I can't tell you how many uses there are for them.  Everything from covering the stroller by the pool to shade the napping baby, to using it as a pack 'n play sheet when I forgot to pack one.  It does everything!! Love. 
Balboa Baby Nursing Cover Suri - Blue & Yellow
Balboa Baby Nursing Cover
When I was nursing the covers really saved me when we were traveling.  I had to nurse on the plane during take-off and landing, and I have even been known to nurse at the car rental   *sigh* 
Babies don't know that mommy doesn't want to whip the girls out in public- they just know they are hungry, and want to eat. NOW! 
On-The-Go Formula & Snack Dispenser
Zoli On-the-go formula and snack dispenser
For the sake of the child and all the other people around, you have got to bring enough snacks for the kiddos.  You do not want to have to start scrambling around the airport for something to feed your kid that is on the verge of a meltdown. 
Artist Travel Set - Monkey
P'Kolino Artist Travel Set
Why not bring along a travel set of coloring tools to keep kids being creative and busy in the airport or on the plane.  I have seen a little toddler EAT markers on the plane before take-off while sitting on dads lap- her face, hands, clothing and daddy were covered in marker before we even left the ground.  
So maybe holding off on this one until your kid knows what to do with them is probably a good idea.  
Stork Sak Olivia Grey
Stork Sac Olivia Grey
Having a bag that you can wear cross-body is also one of the best things in the airport. With everything going on it is nice to have both hands free.  I am not a backpack-wearing kinda girl, so I really love a good bag.  It is chic enough to carry throughout the trip and functions well being a real diaper bag.

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