Monday, August 20, 2012

She's Gone Country...

Just in case you are not a fan of Tim McGraw on Facebook, I want to share a couple photos with you... 

Because how good looking is this man?! 

 I have seen him in concert before (not this latest tour), and he was awesome!  I love his music, that somehow he and Faith have seemed to keep it real, and make their family work, and that he just seems to be a really good guy.  
And I am so excited because he and Faith are going to start performing at The Venetian in Las Vegas in December!!!  Soul2Soul Tour
And how beautiful is she?! 
And as if it weren't exciting enough to see both of them together- my girl, Shania Twain is also going to be in Vegas starting in December! 
I love that country music is coming to Vegas- so move over Celine and Elton- there are some new kids in town! 
And I love that mama has an excuse to go to Vegas with her sis!  

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