Wednesday, August 22, 2012


You know how sometimes when you discover something new and then all of a sudden it's everywhere? 
This is what happened to me with Rejuvenation.
If you are not familiar with this company, they offer "Classic American Lighting and House Parts", and are owned by Williams Sonoma.
Rejuvenation has been based out of Portland, Oregon since the 70's, making and refurbishing amazing lighting and hardware and are totally committed to being green!
Brooks Bathroom
So the same day that I clicked on their website via the Pottery Barn website, I received their catalog in the mail. And then today while watching Design Star All Stars (my latest HGTV obsession), I saw that they went shopping at one of the Rejuvenation stores.  
George Pendants
I love these pendant lights- and it's so cool because you can choose any shade to go on them.

Painted Shades
They really offer an amazing variety of products: floor lamps, curtain rods, light fixtures, house numbers, cabinet pulls, and pretty much anything you need to have in your home. 
I know it's not super fun looking for hardware and fixtures, but if you are in the market, like I will be soon (!), this is where to look. 
And as a bonus, all products are made in the USA!!! 

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