Monday, August 27, 2012

Gap to School:Girls

There are some pretty sassy pieces out there at Gap for little girls these days.  I am feeling like the styles are very reminiscent of Juicy Couture- lots of ruffles, pleats and gold buttons.  Looks cute to me!
Drop Waisted Quilted Jacket
French Terry Knit Dress

Flare Jeans Dark Wash

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bobo Choses

This collection by Bobo Choses is love at first sight for me.  Loungewear and comfy's are exactly what babies should be living in- they can never have enough "soft pants".

Starry Top
Sunny Star Jumpsuit Starry Leggings
Bicycle Short Jumpsuit
Multi Camping Skirt Diamond Leggings

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


You know how sometimes when you discover something new and then all of a sudden it's everywhere? 
This is what happened to me with Rejuvenation.
If you are not familiar with this company, they offer "Classic American Lighting and House Parts", and are owned by Williams Sonoma.
Rejuvenation has been based out of Portland, Oregon since the 70's, making and refurbishing amazing lighting and hardware and are totally committed to being green!
Brooks Bathroom
So the same day that I clicked on their website via the Pottery Barn website, I received their catalog in the mail. And then today while watching Design Star All Stars (my latest HGTV obsession), I saw that they went shopping at one of the Rejuvenation stores.  
George Pendants
I love these pendant lights- and it's so cool because you can choose any shade to go on them.

Painted Shades
They really offer an amazing variety of products: floor lamps, curtain rods, light fixtures, house numbers, cabinet pulls, and pretty much anything you need to have in your home. 
I know it's not super fun looking for hardware and fixtures, but if you are in the market, like I will be soon (!), this is where to look. 
And as a bonus, all products are made in the USA!!! 

Gap to School: Boys

I love these new pieces from Baby Gap for some great back to school clothes for little boys.  Such a cool look while still being really wearable.
Convertible Plaid Stripe Shirt
Canvas Pant
French Terry Shawl Cardigan
Twill Pocket Jacket
Brogue Sneakers
Tomorrow we'll take a look at what the cutie little girls are going to be wearing...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An Interview with Tracy Anderson

Traci Anderson

Tracy Anderson was interviewed by The Fashion Week Daily- I'm not sure I agree with her every word, but I do believe that her Method works.  I was doing her post-pregnancy DVD, and wrote about it here a while back, and was definitely starting to see results.  
Take a look at the interview and tell me what you think.

and ps. what's up with Tracy and Kourtney Kardashian naming their daughters Penelope?!  Cute, but so random. 

Southern Porch Addition

I want to share with you one of my most re-pinned pins on Pinterest- a screened porch addition that was featured in Southern Living Magazine.  
I love finding homes that are well designed and actually look like someone lives there.  
So many of the photos I see are of homes that have been professionally decorated and designed- and although very beautiful, they do not look well-loved and lived-in. 
Here is my #1 pin...
I love the view to the porch when you walk in the door.  
View to the Porch
The back porch has a beautiful outdoor kitchen that is directly behind the indoor kitchen with a pass-through window- eliminating the need to have a full outdoor setup.  
I also love that the fireplace is used to house the barbecue. 
The Outdoor Kitchen
On the opposite end of the porch is a cozy sitting area with another fireplace.  The hanging porch swing is a bit unexpected amongst the other furniture, but so nice.
The Fireside Lounge
This is what the porch addition looks like from outside.   It is such a functional and inviting space that can be used year-round and such a great way to add square footage to a house.  And I love the fire pit!  This family looks like they know how to have a good time!
Screened Porch Addition

Monday, August 20, 2012

She's Gone Country...

Just in case you are not a fan of Tim McGraw on Facebook, I want to share a couple photos with you... 

Because how good looking is this man?! 

 I have seen him in concert before (not this latest tour), and he was awesome!  I love his music, that somehow he and Faith have seemed to keep it real, and make their family work, and that he just seems to be a really good guy.  
And I am so excited because he and Faith are going to start performing at The Venetian in Las Vegas in December!!!  Soul2Soul Tour
And how beautiful is she?! 
And as if it weren't exciting enough to see both of them together- my girl, Shania Twain is also going to be in Vegas starting in December! 
I love that country music is coming to Vegas- so move over Celine and Elton- there are some new kids in town! 
And I love that mama has an excuse to go to Vegas with her sis!  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Sometimes there are some good things that come from having to pack your entire house, and not just getting rid of stuff.  I love when I find old things that I haven't seen in years, or things that bring up old memories...

Remember when the "it" bag was an Esprit tote?! 
It was the coolest thing to carry to school, actually, anything Esprit was awesome and meant that you were one really cool kid and totally fashionable!  
Large vintage Red Cotton ESPRIT Tote Bag . Canvas . Multi Colored Lettering 80s
Esprit Tote on Etsy Shop Good Grace
I also found another really cool item in the closet at my parents house.  The original Nintendo Game Boy.  So cool.  I still have the games, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Apparently I thought that was really fun in 1990.
Nintendo Gameboy.jpg

Another huge part of my youth that I have been really into lately is Beverly Hills 90210.  I actually never stopped being into it.  The Soap Opera Network has given me the pleasure of hanging out with the "gang" daily- and oh do I love them!  
Always such pressing story lines. 
Like yesterday when Kelly dressed promiscuously on Halloween and was almost raped and her best friend Brenda basically told her that it happened because her dress was slutty and she "told her so".  Nice friend!!
Really compelling TV! 
And how about how all of them were waaaaay to old to be playing high schoolers, especially Andrea who looked (and was at least) 35 at the time!  Not that 35 is old! 
Notice how she is the only girl not in a bikini.  Hmm...
I could go on forever... 
I would like to add that I do not *sit* and watch 90210, but listen to the deep and touching stories while I am packing the house or doing whatever it is that I do.   

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Are you kidding me with this family!?  Could they be any more picture perfect!  
Many years ago my mom and I saw Christy Turlington and Ed Burns at the original Oakville Grocery in Napa.  Let me tell you first hand, she is even more beautiful in person.   It was the best celebrity spotting I could dream of.  And Ed Burns- well he's not too shabby either! 

There is an interview with Christy on Aerin Lauder's site:
A good, quick read!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shades of Grey

Land of Nod is getting it so right with all the grey.  Love the warmth and neutrality and they way just about every color pops against it.  So much more friendly for kids than black or browns...
Low Rise Crib
Cardigan Pendant
Little Twigs Wall Mirror
Pull Up a Pouf 
Grey Plaid Sheet Set
Iron Rich Play Chair

Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh Monday, Monday

Some scattered thoughts for Monday...

Domino Magazine is actively posting pics on Facebook lately.  It just feels right to have
Domino back in the loop again... 

I am going to make a to-do list and actually execute it this week.  
Most of the items on this soon-to-be-made list are going to involve packing our house and getting ready for our move!  

Part of getting ready for our move has been to go through my stacks of magazines and rip out the pages that I want to save.  We are major magazine people (it's genetic) and receive around 15 magazines per month, not to mention the ones that I buy- so they have really piled up.  I am hoping to be one of those organized people that has an inspiration binder like the one below... So I'm working on it!
Yesterday we spent the day in Napa wine tasting with friends.  We stopped for lunch at Ad Hoc in Yountville.  It was my first time eating there and I can not stop thinking about it!  We had the best (and first) eggs benedict that I have ever had!  Since I don't eat meat they substituted the ham for sauteed zucchini and squash- it was incredible!!  
Therefore after a day of drinking and eating, I need to get back on the wagon and clean it up this week- meaning lots of water and healthy foods...
Ad Hoc Eggs Benedict
Finally, my last goals this week are to continue to catch up with friends that I won't be seeing for a while once we move, and to take lots of trips to the park with my sweet baby boy that has been so patient lately with his busy mama. 

I hope your week is off to a good start!! Happy Monday!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Friday!

Right about now I wish I were sitting in the sunbathing pool
tanning ledge

Drinking a delicious beverage like this.
watermelon margaritas
Watermelon Margaritas

Happy Friday to all! 
Have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Trader Joe's

My latest Trader Joe's obsessions:
Tarte d'Champignon
My mom introduced me to the amazing-ness that is the Tarte d'Champignon!  It is so good I could easily eat the entire thing myself.

Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip
Reduced Guilt Spinach and Kale Yogurt Dip
I bought this when a couple girlfriends came over the other day and both of them had no idea that this wasn't a full-fat spinach dip.  It's that good!  And I like to think that because it has spinach and kale and yogurt it might actually be good for me.
Caribbean Fruit Floes
I have long been a fan of the Fruit Floes- but I've got to say- the Caribbean flavor is the best!  For 80 calories I could eat these all day.   Strawberry, pineapple, mango, coconut flakes all in one- reminds me of Astro pops. Mmmm....

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Travel Must-Haves

If you have travelled lately I am sure you couldn't help but notice that the airports are full of families taking summer vacations.  
We sat at the Denver airport a couple weeks ago and I felt like all I saw were moms channeling Goldie Hawn in Overboard (one of my favorite movies!!).  Rascal-ly kids everywhere, fussy babies, stressed parents, and annoyed everyone-else! 
Goldie Hawn and the kids in Overboard
It seemed that part of the problem was that the parents were frazzled and not really well organized enough to handle all that can go on in an airport or plane. 

So here are some of my top things that we like to travel with in attempt to not feel like Goldie Hawn.
UPPA Baby G-LUXE Stroller
I am a HUGE fan of UPPA Baby.  We love our G-LUXE stroller so much- it is so easy to fold and unfold, has a shoulder strap, sun-shade, and cup holder.  We bought it when Jackson was just a few months old because it is the only umbrella stroller that reclines enough for an infant.  It is all-around awesome and the best umbrella stroller around. 
Eddie Bauer® Pop-Up Booster Seat
Eddie Bauer Pop-Up Booster Seat
We love the Eddie Bauer Pop-Up Booster Seat.  I find that it attaches very tightly to any chair and the baby gets buckled in properly.  It folds up nicely, is easy to clean, and has been really great in many situations.  And sometimes you need to strap your child into a chair to get something done- this will help you!
liam the brave
Aden & Anais swaddles- liam the brave
It wouldn't be right to leave the Aden & Anais muslin swaddles off my list.  I can't tell you how many uses there are for them.  Everything from covering the stroller by the pool to shade the napping baby, to using it as a pack 'n play sheet when I forgot to pack one.  It does everything!! Love. 
Balboa Baby Nursing Cover Suri - Blue & Yellow
Balboa Baby Nursing Cover
When I was nursing the covers really saved me when we were traveling.  I had to nurse on the plane during take-off and landing, and I have even been known to nurse at the car rental   *sigh* 
Babies don't know that mommy doesn't want to whip the girls out in public- they just know they are hungry, and want to eat. NOW! 
On-The-Go Formula & Snack Dispenser
Zoli On-the-go formula and snack dispenser
For the sake of the child and all the other people around, you have got to bring enough snacks for the kiddos.  You do not want to have to start scrambling around the airport for something to feed your kid that is on the verge of a meltdown. 
Artist Travel Set - Monkey
P'Kolino Artist Travel Set
Why not bring along a travel set of coloring tools to keep kids being creative and busy in the airport or on the plane.  I have seen a little toddler EAT markers on the plane before take-off while sitting on dads lap- her face, hands, clothing and daddy were covered in marker before we even left the ground.  
So maybe holding off on this one until your kid knows what to do with them is probably a good idea.  
Stork Sak Olivia Grey
Stork Sac Olivia Grey
Having a bag that you can wear cross-body is also one of the best things in the airport. With everything going on it is nice to have both hands free.  I am not a backpack-wearing kinda girl, so I really love a good bag.  It is chic enough to carry throughout the trip and functions well being a real diaper bag.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Old Navy Back to School- Baby Boys

Old Navy has some cute new picks for "back to school" for the little guys...  It's always a place that I drop in to buy something not exciting (like baby socks), and walk out with several new things for my little munchkin.
Ponte Knit Denim Jacket

Striped Bike-Graphic Sweater

Jersey Henley One-Pieces