Thursday, July 26, 2012

Off to Camp: Part 1

Every summer my parents signed my sister and I up for camp(s).  
We always seemed to go to some sort of day camps at our local parks or schools (like Camp Have a Lot of Fun), but the best ones were always the overnight camps we would ship off to for a week at a time with our friends.  We especially loved Camp Minaluta... 
It was everything that summer camp is supposed to be- canoeing, sleeping under the stars, cheesy camp songs, teenage counselors, candy contraband = total bliss for young kids.

When I saw the new Land of Nod American Kitsch Collection- I knew that I am exactly the person they are marketing towards.  My heart skipped a little beat and I went back to my happy (camp) place...
Here are some photos from the shoot taken at Camp Wandawega- I
am also now completely obsessed with this place...  
(I feel like we will need a family vacation there someday!)




above photos all taken from the Land of Nod blog

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