Monday, July 16, 2012

Lake Tahoe Recap

We are back home after a fantastic Tahoe vacation!
It was the perfect combination of all the things I love... sunshine, beach time, adult beverages, morning walks, playing with our baby, shopping, good food, and great company!  
What more can I ask for in a summer vacation!?

If you have never been to Lake Tahoe- there are so many things to do and places to go.  One spot that is always on our list is Sunnyside.  The picture below was the view from our table.   It is the best deck on the lake and worth a visit every time. 

 The picture below was taken at the beach at Meeks Bay.  We decided to hang out there because there was actually some shade to sit under. Jackson was really into playing in the water even though it is freezing!! 
We walked every morning and stopped at The Dam Cafe for coffee.  It is the best coffee spot in town- their pastries and sandwiches/burritos looked incredible, and it is swarming in the morning with locals.  It is located right next to Fanny Bridge in Tahoe City.
The Dam Cafe

My sister and I have been shopping at Fine 'N Funky since long before I was even big enough to fit in their clothes... It is a bit of a Tahoe City shopping institution- disregard the sales girl eating Cheez Its on the sales floor and shop away! 

If you have kids little girls, then shopping at Ruffles and Ruffnecks is a great stop.  It is in the Cobblestone Shopping Center and has really darling clothing and accessories.  If you have a son- don't bother- there is hardly anything for boys... (boo).

Some other places we love are: Rosie's Cafe, The Bridgetender, and Lakeside Pizza.  
Do you see a theme?  We love to eat and drink?!  

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