Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Green Goods

I have mentioned before how much I love Green Sprouts and iPlay, so I was super happy to find some new bibs today for my little one at Whole Foods.  We have used these washable bibs for the past six months and they are still as good as new- but it is time for a change... 
I still believe that these bibs are the best.  Forget about the ones at Pottery Barn Kids or Target, they are not worth the laundry they will require.
 I was these in the sink with a sponge and soap and hang them to dry- and they are ready for the next meal.  
Waterproof Garden Bib 3pk
Waterproof Garden Bib 3pk
I also saw a really cute backpacks that would be great for a little one that is off to daycare or preschool- of course I love the lion, but they are all really cute
On Safari Backpack
On Safari Backpack
And while we are at it, why not throw in an ice pack so your kids don't have to eat warm yogurt for lunch.  I saw so many kids eating warm yogurt at recess when I was teaching- it made my stomach churn...
Garden Lunch Chillers 3pk
Garden Lunch Chillers

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