Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Time

I have never been someone that writes in to companies to complain about products.  But since becoming a mom, and hearing about other moms doing it, I have actually taken the time to contact companies about faulty products.

Almost a year ago we bought a Summer Day & Night Video Monitor.  While I thought it was fine, it always bothered me that it made such a racket and we could never leave the volume on (which totally defeats the purpose).  When I saw a friend had the same one and hers didn't make any noise- I decided to call the company. 
With one phone call, Summer kindly offered to replace my monitor for a newer version!! 
And now instead of the Day & Night, 
Secure Sight Handheld Color Video Monitor
We absolutely love the new monitor!  It doesn't make any static noise, has a great, clear picture, and the monitor is much smaller than the old one.  We couldn't be happier!

The point of this lengthy post is that:
1.  I will 100% buy Summer products again because they stand by their products and have great customer service. 
2.  It is worth taking the time to contact companies about their products- most of the time they will do something to make the consumer happy.  (Especially when it comes to moms and their baby products!)

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