Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Skip Hop To It

After reading the new 2012 baby checklist on Stroller Traffic, it is even more obvious to me that Skip Hop is leading in making a broad range of amazing baby products.  I have loved my (very popular) Versa Diaper Bag and the Pronto! Changing Station that permanently stays in the car for emergencies since my baby was born.  And, how fun that they collaborated with Jonathan Adler to make new patterns and designs!! 
But Skip Hop has so many new and cool things- what will they think of next!?

Some of my top picks include:
 Memory Foam Stroller Liner-  Not only does it give the bambino's a little extra cushion, but it  helps keep the stroller clean.

Mate Stay-Put Mat + Plate- my child thinks it's funny to throw the bowl on the floor, this seems like it will keep the bowl in place with less mess.
Pink Lattice- Complete Sheet- Now that bumpers are a major no-no (even though we still have one!), there are adorable sheets that give the extra bit of style that the bumper provides.  I love this pink lattice for girls!
Playspot Interlocking Foam Tiles- If Jackson's play area where hard wood, I would buy these in a second! I love that they come in five different colors, both muted and bright, and that you can buy additional tiles and connectors to accommodate the size of the play area. Genius!

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