Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rolling Down the Street...

Someday when we are "real" grown-ups I dream that we will live in the type of neighborhood that has a big Fourth of July bike parade every year.  
In my mind it will look just like it does in Martha Stewart's world...

While Jackson is still a wee bambino he will ride in a decorated wagon...
Everyones bike will be totally decked out in red, white and blue.  All the kids will of course have vintage bicycles to decorate as well.  There will not be any plastic, pink, or Disney characters present!  (wink, wink*)
The day before the parade all the kids will stop by our front lawn for a big decorating party - it will be the annual kick-off to the Fourth of July festivities!
When it comes time for the parade all the kids will be smiling, and the parents will be following behind, while the neighbors have lined the streets cheering and taking pictures.
July 4th Bicycle Decoration Craft for Kids
The day will of course end with friends gathering in each others backyards for BBQs and swimming.

Thanks for sharing in my Fourth of July daydream!  
Now on to making real plans for the 4th... 

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  1. You let me know when you find that neighborhood because I want to live nextdoor:) I love her 4th of July magazine every year:)