Friday, June 29, 2012

Carmel Weekend

We are taking off to spend the weekend with my family in Carmel, (or as my sister and I like to call it, the Shire!).  
I am looking forward to hitting up some of our favorite spots like: 

Paloosh and GBG for amazing shopping
A.W. Shucks for oysters (that I just started liking) and margaritas
Brophy's Tavern for too many drinks and making new friends
Anthropologie- just because it's there and I love the courtyard by the dressing rooms
Pacific Grove- perfect for tide-pooling like when we were kids

Most of the places that we drop into, I don't even know their name...
We mostly take lots of long walks all through the back streets of Carmel, finding hidden gardens and tucked away shops.  
I am hoping the weather will be nice enough to take Baby J to the beach to play in the sand and mostly just enjoy the time with my family. 

Happy Fourth of July weekend!!

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