Thursday, May 31, 2012

Olympic Outfitted

Ralph Lauren is the man! 
As the official outfitter of the U.S Olympic Team, Ralph Lauren is offering custom Olympic clothing on their website as part of the 2012 Olympic Collection!  

Wouldn't your kids love to see their name on the Olympic shirt!?
8-20 Team USA Official Polo - Create Your Own Polos -
Team USA Official Polo- Create Your Own
Olympic Canvas Backpack - Create Your Own Accessories -
Olympic Canvas Backpack- Create Your Own
Nothing says England and Ralph Lauren more than a Rugby shirt
Team USA Striped Rugby - Boys 8-20 Rugbys -
Team USA Striped Rugby
And for the girls...
Team USA Olympic Polo Dress - Girls 2-6X Dresses & Rompers -
Team USA Olympic Polo Dress
Team USA Olympic Legging - Girls 7-16 Pants & Leggings -
Team USA Olympic Legging

Team USA Tank Dress - Girls 7-16 Dresses & Rompers -
Team USA Tank Dress

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