Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Good Things

Recently I bought a subscription on Groupon for Everyday Food and Martha Stewart Living- today I received my MSL and saw many great things that I want to try.  I have read the magazine (at my in-laws house) for many years, but never really bought it- until now.
One idea I especially liked was the "shower-in-a-box" idea.  Essentially packing up several baby items for your far away friend. 
I will soon be sharing my baby shower gift ideas, many items which would be perfect to put in the "shower-in-a-box".  I will say that I loved the idea to put a helium balloon in the package to float out as soon as the box is opened.  What a fun surprise!

My husband was up in Seattle for work last week and brought me back a bag of Starbucks coffee.  He assured me it was special because it is from the first ever Starbucks... 
Basket of Starbucks Pike Place Special Reserve
I am really not a coffee snob- unless it is really weak and tastes like dirt- but the Pikes Place Special Reserve is dang good!  And apparently it can only be purchased in Seattle. (boo-hoo!)

My bambino was in need of a toy upgrade- we really don't buy him many- and he has been loving his friends' interactive toys lately. 
LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table.Opens in a new window
Leap Frog Learn and Groove Musical Table
I found this awesome toy at Target and he kinda freaked out when we got it home.  It has a lot to do and plays music and ABC's and numbers in English and Spanish.  Watching Baby J bounce with excitement makes it worth every penny and makes me wish I had found it sooner. 

And finally, I found a splat mat on Etsy that I just ordered.  Baby J is making a serious mess now that he is eating table food- one banana for him, one banana for the floor...
Oilcloth Splat Mat with Monogram
Lilybella Boutique Oilcloth Splat Mat with Monogram
There are several options available on Etsy, but I liked Lilybella Boutique's because she has the cutest prints to choose from and it can be monogrammed with your bambino's name in any color and font you choose.  I'm getting a yellow polka dot with navy monogram.  Can't wait to see how it turns out!

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  1. Great post, I hope moms everywhere are reading your blog! Can't wait to see baby J grooving to his new toy! :)