Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gearing up for the Olympics!

I am starting to get seriously excited for the Summer Olympics that are starting at the end of July!  All the swimming and gymnastics- oooh I can't wait!!!  
When I opened the latest box of Pampers I was so happily surprised to see USA diapers!! I know it's just a diaper, but the little things make me happy when it comes to diapering...
Pampers Cruisers Limited Edition USA
Then I stopped in to Old Navy today and found so many cute Olympic/Fourth of July clothes for kids.  I had to get my bambino the Snoopy and Woodstock tee- I normally shy away from too many graphics, but I love these little guys and it is so perfect to watch the games in!
Peanuts Sports Graphic Tee
These baby boots are to die for!  My baby might have to have them. Are they too girly?
Star Soft-Sole Cowboy Boots for Baby
And a star romper for the little girls... Love!
Star-Print Ruffled One-Shoulder Romper

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