Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DIY Light

Yesterday, the bambino and I spent our afternoon browsing around Town & Country shopping center across from Stanford University.  One of my favorite stores to waste time in is the Paper Source.  Filled with anything and everything paper and gift related, it is a true gem in the paper and DIY world. 

I spotted several kits that provide just the right amount of DIY for me these days- I like to think of it as DIY-light!
Happy Birthday Scallop Banner Kit
This birthday banner will make you the envy of other DIY moms.  And for $12.95, I won't cry if I mess up the cutting, gluing, and taping.
Everyday Pinwheels Kit
Pinwheels for cute party decor, or to entertain kids while they are sitting in strollers...
Monkey Puppet Kit
Make these monkey puppets next time your kids have friends over, and your house will be the place for play dates.  Post-craft puppet show is mandatory!!

pennant garland
Polka Dots Paper Flag Kit
I am also mildly obsessed with all the amazing bunting flags that I keep seeing- so making my own (paper) version seems like a good idea since all that I would have to do is string them and hang!

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