Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bla Bla in Disguise

Otto the Rocker
I have a major obsession with all things Bla Bla.  Otto the Rocker was one of the first gifts that my bambino received from his grandparents and one of our favorites.   
Lola the Rocker
Otto was followed by his girlfriend Lola the Rocker- she is so sweet with her pigtails!
Mozart the Monkey

Basil the Bunny
These two little guys also have a home at our house- so you can see why I am in love with all the "disguises" that Bla Bla is making for their dolls. 

Costumes for dolls- yes please!!  
A Chef! Pirate! Ballerina!  
Finger puppets, mobiles, keychains, clothes- I am in love with all of it. 

The best part about Bla Bla products is that they are all incredibly soft and handmade in Peru- and my baby loves them! 

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