Thursday, May 31, 2012

Olympic Outfitted

Ralph Lauren is the man! 
As the official outfitter of the U.S Olympic Team, Ralph Lauren is offering custom Olympic clothing on their website as part of the 2012 Olympic Collection!  

Wouldn't your kids love to see their name on the Olympic shirt!?
8-20 Team USA Official Polo - Create Your Own Polos -
Team USA Official Polo- Create Your Own
Olympic Canvas Backpack - Create Your Own Accessories -
Olympic Canvas Backpack- Create Your Own
Nothing says England and Ralph Lauren more than a Rugby shirt
Team USA Striped Rugby - Boys 8-20 Rugbys -
Team USA Striped Rugby
And for the girls...
Team USA Olympic Polo Dress - Girls 2-6X Dresses & Rompers -
Team USA Olympic Polo Dress
Team USA Olympic Legging - Girls 7-16 Pants & Leggings -
Team USA Olympic Legging

Team USA Tank Dress - Girls 7-16 Dresses & Rompers -
Team USA Tank Dress

The Non-Baby Gift

Next time a friend is having a baby, how about giving them a non-baby gift.  There are so many things that the baby needs and gets, but sometimes it's nice for mom to have something just for her...

Like a coffee maker with a timer. 
Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Black
Cuisinart 12-Cup Coffee Maker
Or a Baggu full of goodies for mom to take to the hospital- like hair ties, face and hand cream, lip gloss, and a new pair of flip flops
Baggu Bag Papaya
A cute hospital gown that hasn't been worn a thousand times already
Annie & Isabel- Evelyn Gown
Sending a gorgeous bouquet (like this one that I received) to come home to is such a nice gesture

The best thing that I did the first week of Baby J's life was write all about it.  I haven't written in a journal since, but I am glad that I will always have written memories of that time.  I would encourage any mom to do it, whether it's your first or fourth child... 
A pretty journal might help to motivate a mom to write!
Jonathan Adler Love Dove Fuchsia Soft Journal (6
Jonathan Adler Love Dove Fuchsia Soft Journal
And you can't go wrong with a delicious bottle of champagne to celebrate!!
Chandon Vintage Limited Edition Brut Classic
Chandon Limited Edition Brut Classic

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pour Le Petite Bebe

In case you were wondering what chic french babies are sleeping in these days, it might look something like this...  Jacadi, of course. 
Piqué sleep sack 0-6 mos., boy
Jacadi Pique Sleep Sack
Sleeping bag medium, boy
Jacadi Sleeping Bag
Striped poplin sleeping bag, girl
Jacadi Striped Poplin Sleeping Bag
Pink sleep sack for 0-6 mos., girl
Jacadi Pink Sleep Sack
No fun animals, bright colors, or whimsy.  Tres serious if you ask me... But oh so chic!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

I Spy a Mobile in the Sky

The mobiles in my sons room have brought more laughs than almost any other toy we have- he loves all three of them- maybe the beginning of a collection?!  Anyhow, I first layed eyes on the Djeco mobiles in one of my favorite stores in Solana Beach called Solo.  They had only a couple on display, so I chose the "boy" one which was the Traffic Mobile.  Since then, I am starting to see them all over- they don't look like much in the box, but they hang and move like a real mobile should- each piece is perfectly balanced and they float in the air.  My only piece of advice is to keep the directions and the box because it is a puzzle to put together.
Knight Mobile
Colorful Flyers Mobile
Traffic Mobile
Princess Dream Mobile

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sarcasm for Babies

My sweet angel baby is becoming not so sweet during nap time these days.  I have had my eye on these great prints from Sycamore Street Press on Etsy for quite a while now-  I wonder if Baby Jackson will get the hint if I hang them in his room?!  

Subliminal Baby Letterpress Art Print Series. Crying is for babies. (Other babies.)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gearing up for the Olympics!

I am starting to get seriously excited for the Summer Olympics that are starting at the end of July!  All the swimming and gymnastics- oooh I can't wait!!!  
When I opened the latest box of Pampers I was so happily surprised to see USA diapers!! I know it's just a diaper, but the little things make me happy when it comes to diapering...
Pampers Cruisers Limited Edition USA
Then I stopped in to Old Navy today and found so many cute Olympic/Fourth of July clothes for kids.  I had to get my bambino the Snoopy and Woodstock tee- I normally shy away from too many graphics, but I love these little guys and it is so perfect to watch the games in!
Peanuts Sports Graphic Tee
These baby boots are to die for!  My baby might have to have them. Are they too girly?
Star Soft-Sole Cowboy Boots for Baby
And a star romper for the little girls... Love!
Star-Print Ruffled One-Shoulder Romper

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eyes Wide Open

As a kid, my sister and I would spend just about everyday with our friends playing in the pool.  We went through countless pairs of goggles each summer, and none of them were as cute as the ones that Speedo is selling this summer.  I love that they each come with interchangeable frames so the kids can swap them out to match their swimsuit! 
Kids Neonwonders Goggle in Citrus Red

Kids Neonwonders Goggle in Grape
Kids Neonwonders Goggle in Blue

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer Tote Style

Orange Ikat Larkspur Diaper Bag & Bottle Bag
Yellow Chevron Sausalito Tote & Bottle Bag
Yellow Chevron Sausalito Tote & Bottle Bag
Grey Saualito Tote & Bottle Bag

Finally Pottery Barn Kids is selling diaper bags that look like an adult would actually want to carry around.  I love that these bags just look like cute summer totes- and you could actually carry it around even when your baby isn't with you.  The orange ikat is perfect for a  pool/beach bag, I would buy it even if I didn't have a baby!
Bravo to PBK for finally making a cute summer diaper bag!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Littlest Lion

Given that my bambino is a Leo- I am always looking out for cute lion things. Aside from the Jonathan Adler pieces, which are a no-brainer, I am in love with the the rest of the items.  I am starting to think that maybe a lion-themed first birthday would be a really great idea.
Happy Friday!
Keep Calm and Love Lions : Egg Yolk / BUY 2 Get 1 Free
SimplyGiftsOnline Keep Calm and Love Lions
Jonathan Adler Lion Needlepoint Pillow
Jonathan Adler Lion Nightlight
20 Customized First Birthday Party Invitations - LION and BADGER in Go Cart
Shoutout- First Birthday Party Invitations Lion and Badger
Jacquard Lion Stroller Blanket
Pottery Barn Jacquard Lion Stroller Blanket
Custom Baby Print - Lion King  - Unframed - 11 3/4 x 15 3/4
LeoLittleLion Custom Baby Print Lion King
Land of Nod George of the Jungle Toss

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Aden & Anais Sleep Sacks

By now every mom has come across Aden and Anais products.  I love the swaddles, burp bibs, blankets, sheets, and just about everything they make- and where I live you can hardly go anywhere without seeing a stroller covered in one of their swaddle blankets. 
Mod About Baby Swaddles
I just ordered from two summer weight sleep sacks.  There were two different options that I saw for summer, so I ordered one of each.

One was the Aden & Anais Sleeping Bag for $24.95
aden + anais Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag
and the other was the Aden & Anais Boutique 100% Cotton Muslin Single-Layer Sleep Bag for $32.
aden + anais Boutique 100% Cotton Muslin Single-Layer Sleep Bag
Single Layer Sleep Bag
I am here to tell you that they are EXACTLY the same!!! They are the same size, fabric- everything!  
I am not very pleased that I spent the extra money for a second one that is the same product.  I will say that the packaging for the more expensive one was fancier- it came in the Aden and Anais box. But who cares about that?! 
Bottom line: save yourself the extra money and get the Sleeping Bag.

Palm Springs Recap

We are back from a fantastic vacation in Palm Springs.  It was beyond wonderful- lots of time at the pool, shopping, eating, and cocktails!  I have a few pictures to share...
We are ready to buy a house in Palm Springs- the neighborhoods and homes are adorable.

The Trina Turk store is absolutely wonderful.  There is now clothing, swimwear, Mr. Turk, and residential.  The residential section is where it's at... My sister and I could have gone mad in there.  We limited ourselves to taking home just a few small goodies- frames, bowl, coffee table book, eyeglass case...

Since my sister and her boyfriend go to Palm Springs often and stay at the Ace Hotel- she had to take me to check it out.  I loved it!! 
Above is a picture of me in the lobby- and a view from where we had a cocktail by the pool.  It is definitely a place we will be going to stay without the baby.

One of the highlights of the trip was having lunch at The Parker.  The Jonathan Adler designed hotel is a must see- although we decided that we wouldn't want to stay there.  The  furnishing are a total Adler-bonanza (fun, bright, loud), but the overall feel of the place is very quiet and private (and not that much fun!). 
I did, however, have THE BEST fish tacos of my life there!!! If I could eat them everyday- I would.  I will go there again just to eat those tacos!!!
We stayed at the JW Marriott- Desert Springs Resort which was a wonderful place for a family vacation. Very child friendly- except for on Saturdays when the place becomes a bachelor/ette party hot spot and the pool is packed.  The picture above was taken during a slow time at the pool!

All around is what a fabulous vacation- and now we are home and back to reality! It's always good to be home

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Time for Vacation

Palm Springs Travel Poster
JasonHillDesign on Etsy
 I have been dreaming of a very Mrs Lilien-style holiday- so I am very excited that tomorrow the bambino and I are off for a fabulous long weekend with my family 
in Palm Springs.  
I am dying to put the baby in the water and watch him splash around- 
I hope he likes the pool!
While we are there my sister and I are looking forward to leaving Baby J with our parents for a few hours and doing some vintage shopping and going for cocktails at The Parker.   
Hopefully I will have a few good pictures to share when we return next week. 

Happy Mothers Day to all you gorgeous Mama's out there!! I hope your kids sleep in extra late for you this weekend!

*I love the Palm Springs poster- seriously fun!*

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

B. Fun!

My mother-in-law came to spend the day with Baby J yesterday and give me some much needed time alone (nails, brows, shopping, lunch!)... She always comes with goodies for the baby and yesterday brought the B. blocks.  
B. One Two Squeeze™ Soft 123 Blocks.Opens in a new window
B. One Two Squeeze Soft 123 Blocks
Had I known that these cute and colorful blocks would bring as much joy to my 9 month old, I would have run out to Target and bought them long ago.  He thinks it's hilarious when we stack them up and he gets to knock them over.  Beyond adorable. 
B. Parum Pum Pum Drum.Opens in a new window
B. Parum Pum Pum Drum
B. also makes tons of cute other toys- all in a nice color palette.  
Before we had our own child, we would always buy the drum set as a gift for our friends' kids.  It's always more fun buying someone else's child the noisy gift.  But now that we have our own- I still think it's a great toy- all the best noise makers for little hands. 
B. Toys Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube.Opens in a new window
B. Toys Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube
Maybe the cutest activity cube- I wouldn't mind having this sit in our living room.
B. Toulouse-Lap Trec Magnetic Sketcher.Opens in a new window
B. Toulouse-Lap Trec Magnetic Sketcher
Etch-a-Sketch with a lap pad.  Fun!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DIY Light

Yesterday, the bambino and I spent our afternoon browsing around Town & Country shopping center across from Stanford University.  One of my favorite stores to waste time in is the Paper Source.  Filled with anything and everything paper and gift related, it is a true gem in the paper and DIY world. 

I spotted several kits that provide just the right amount of DIY for me these days- I like to think of it as DIY-light!
Happy Birthday Scallop Banner Kit
This birthday banner will make you the envy of other DIY moms.  And for $12.95, I won't cry if I mess up the cutting, gluing, and taping.
Everyday Pinwheels Kit
Pinwheels for cute party decor, or to entertain kids while they are sitting in strollers...
Monkey Puppet Kit
Make these monkey puppets next time your kids have friends over, and your house will be the place for play dates.  Post-craft puppet show is mandatory!!

pennant garland
Polka Dots Paper Flag Kit
I am also mildly obsessed with all the amazing bunting flags that I keep seeing- so making my own (paper) version seems like a good idea since all that I would have to do is string them and hang!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Book Review: Grill Master Cookbook

Williams-Sonoma Grill Master
Williams Sonoma Grill Master Cookbook
Now that it has finally warmed up on the peninsula we have been doing a lot of grilling again.  I am in love with the Grill Master cookbook that was given to my husband almost a year ago.  It is one of the easiest cookbooks to use and so far everything we have tried has been fantastic. 
A couple weekends ago we grilled pizzas, I've made the potato salad twice (yum!), a couple different marinades and rubs, and tonight we did some veggies and chicken. 

My husband says it was some of the tastiest chicken he has had.  
(I'm vegetarian- I prepare it, but don't eat it!- so I take his word...)

All-Purpose BBQ Rub
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 tablespoon firmly packed light brown sugar
1/4 cup paprika
1 tablespoon chili powder
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon smoked paprika
kosher salt and freshly ground pepper

In a tight fitting container mix all ingredients, cover and shake vigorously.  Use right away or store in a cool, dark place for up to 1 month.

It is best for: pork tenderloin; pork or beef ribs; flank, skirt, or hanger steak; chicken

*I halved the recipe and it was more than enough for two chicken breasts.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bla Bla in Disguise

Otto the Rocker
I have a major obsession with all things Bla Bla.  Otto the Rocker was one of the first gifts that my bambino received from his grandparents and one of our favorites.   
Lola the Rocker
Otto was followed by his girlfriend Lola the Rocker- she is so sweet with her pigtails!
Mozart the Monkey

Basil the Bunny
These two little guys also have a home at our house- so you can see why I am in love with all the "disguises" that Bla Bla is making for their dolls. 

Costumes for dolls- yes please!!  
A Chef! Pirate! Ballerina!  
Finger puppets, mobiles, keychains, clothes- I am in love with all of it. 

The best part about Bla Bla products is that they are all incredibly soft and handmade in Peru- and my baby loves them!