Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trumpette Shop

This past weekend while I was home in Sacramento visiting my parents I made a stop into the Trumpette store.  Like so many parents, I have a love for Trumpette socks and can never seem to get enough of them.  When it comes to "shoe socks", as I like to call them, they are the original- the real deal!

Well- we are very lucky that Trumpette is based out of Sacramento- and their only freestanding store is there.  They sell so much more than just socks- shoes, shirts, pants,  bags, toys, hats, gift items, etc...  There are so many fun things it's hard to know where to look- I particularly liked the "sock bar" where you can mix and match your own box of socks. 

The salesgirl was nice enough to let me snap a few pictures with my phone to share just how great the store is... 

The salesgirls shared with me that Trumpette is relocating to midtown Sacramento at 20th and I streets where their headquarters are- I can't wait to check them out in their new space!

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