Sunday, April 22, 2012

Summer Shoes for the Kids

I am the last person that you would find wearing Crocs- but I get it- people obviously love them for whatever reason.  That is why I surprised myself when I saw Native shoes, and actually liked them.  I like them so much that I am considering buying a pair for my Baby Jackson because they are so stinkin' cute and come in so many different colors.  I am totally feeling the Howard's in red for my little guy.  They are perfect for summer and I love the boat shoes style.

Native Howard Shoes
Native Jefferson Shoes

Native Miller Shoes
I also saw that Gap Kids is selling a shoe very similar to the Native's for a smaller price... They are equally as cute, although I haven't seen them in person yet.  Reviewers all said they run big, so size down if you decide to order!

If anyone owns any of these shoes- I would love to know what you think of them and if your kids find them comfortable. 

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  1. I saw a guy wearing these on the airport shuttle yesterday! I like them, thought they looked like the love child of Clarks and Crocs!