Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rikshaw Designs at JCrew

I just kinda freaked out when I saw that JCrew is now selling Rikshaw Designs on their website.  If you are not familiar with Rikshaw Designs- you must check them out.  I have an obsession with both companies- so this is the perfect combination for me.  I am hoping that eventually Rikshaw will do a collection exclusively for JCrew...  I can only imagine how cute that would be! 
Rikshaw Design™ baby kurta
Rikshaw Design™ baby kurta
Baby Kurta's- are you kidding me?! LOVE
Rikshaw Design™ baby bloomersRikshaw Design™ baby bloomers
Baby Bloomers- perfect for summer and to show of those adorable baby thighs!
Rikshaw Design™ baby sun hatRikshaw Design™ baby sun hatRikshaw Design™ baby sun hat
Sun hats perfect for the pool...
Rikshaw Design™ baby diaper pouch
and diaper pouches- just what I have been looking for to throw in my purse!
Rikshaw for kids...
and for adults.