Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rice Krispies Easter Eggs

Today my sister and I saw a commercial for the cutest Easter treat- 
Rice Krispies Hidden Surprise Easter Egg Treats.
There was a nice TV mom showing the kids how to make them on the commercial- it was very easy and would be perfect to make for Easter parties. 
Rice Krispy Easter Eggs
Hidden Surprise Easter Egg Treats
For the directions check out the Rice Krispies website. 

*The trick to making really great Rice Krispies Treats is to follow the recipe on the marshmallow bag- not the one on the cereal box.  It has a greater marshmallow to cereal ratio- whereas the cereal box suggests more cereal than marshmallow and produces a drier treat. 

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  1. I bow down to you all masterful RKT wizard! Let me know when you make them so I can pop right on over...