Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Things

OPI Gel Color 

Finally OPI has come out with gel nail polish! I can only hope that the nail salon(s) I go to will carry it.  I always get the gel polish now, but hate that I always have to guess what the colors will look like on me... Now the guessing is over. 

One of many racks of dresses
Thank you notes from the high school girls
This past Saturday I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer with a friend at the Princess Project in San Francisco.  It was an amazing morning of being a personal shopper to help high school girls find the perfect prom dress.  There were hundreds of donated dresses to choose from and each girl was fitted with a beautiful gown and accessory to wear to prom.   The girls were so adorable and sweet- I can't wait to do it again next year. 

Baby Jackson 
Also on Saturday my baby officially began crawling.  As exciting as this is, I am realizing that he is now able to get into just about everything!  So far he has opened the TV cabinet and removed all the DVDs, pulled mama's magazines off the shelves, knocked over the waste basket, etc... I will never sit down again.  But it is so cute to watch him.

Breville Juicer at Williams Sonoma
My husband and I decided that we are going to break out the juicer again for evening juicing.  We periodically go on these kicks when we are feeling like we need to get ourselves back on track with our eating and drinking habits.  There are so many delicious options, and we feel so healthy drinking our fruits and veggies.  And who knows, maybe I can drop a pound or two while I am at it. 

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