Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bubbly Time

so obsessed with claw foot bathtubs!
If only the bathroom in our home looked more like this and less like the turquoise hot-mess that it is, then maybe bath time would be a little more enjoyable.  Either way, my baby loves playing in the water each night.

Ah Goo Baby The Plush Pad with Memory Foam - Bubbles In Cola
Ah Goo Plush Pad with Memory Foam
The plush pad has made every bath time easier since birth.  I used it on the kitchen counter and now on the bathroom floor to set baby down before and after the bath (and I use it under my knees while leaning over the tub). 

The First Years Sure Comfort Newborn-to-Toddler Tub
First Years Tub
From newborn baths in the sink to placing it in the big tub, we are still using this- it's the best one and comes with a sling for newborns.
Boon 4 Pack Odd Ducks
Boon Odd Ducks
Good friends gave us these- they are so fun, and always end up in Baby J's mouth
Organic Dot Wrap
Pottery Barn Kids Organic Dot Wrap
These towels are wonderful and soft- love PBK...

Circo Whale Bath Caddy
Circo Whale Bath Caddy
I had been thinking that I would get the really cute Boon Bug Pod, but when I realized that you had to mount it on the wall- it was a no-go.  I found this cute whale at Target- he attaches firmly with suction cups. The whale actually holds bath toys and has a compartment for bottles with great drainage.  All around it is better than the Boon one for me and half the price.

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