Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bars of Joy

I am going to do you a favor and share with you the easiest thing to make in the world. 
It's so easy and delicious that I can't believe I hadn't made this until this past Christmas.  

Seven Layer Bar

Not the best photo, but you get the idea

preheat oven to 350

1 stick of butter melted- pour into casserole (9x13)
1 1/2 cups crumbled graham cracker- spread around on top of butter

now put each of these things on top:
1 bag chocolate chips
1 bag toffee or butterscotch chips (or any other chip)
 chopped walnuts
coconut shreds
1 (14oz) can sweetened condensed milk (on top)

and voila! you're done!!
now put it in the oven for 25 minutes
(I like it to get just a little golden on top)

*I make this to send with my husband to work- it is such a crowd pleaser and if it stays at home I will eat the entire thing*

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