Thursday, March 1, 2012

3 Sprouts

Everywhere I look I see the 3 Sprouts storage bins.  But what I haven't seen are all the other really fun products the company sells.  The animals that they feature are so unexpected- I would love for any of them to be in my sons room. 
owl storage bin
Owl Storage Bin

walrus storage caddy
Walrus Storage Caddy
beaver storage caddy
Beaver Storage Caddy
The caddies would be perfect for the changing table or small toys. 
peacock storage box
Peacock Storage Box

Finally a storage box that fits the Ikea Expedit- perfectly!!!  Must have this!
warthog hooded towel
Warthog Hooded Towel
I have never really considered wrapping my baby in a warthog towel- but I like it! 

penguin wall organizer
Penguin Wall Organizer
Just about anything could go in here- it would be great for art supplies...

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