Monday, February 6, 2012

What I Know Now...

When I was pregnant, friends and strangers would often tell me about what life after baby would be like.  Although I value the opinions of all the expert parents out there, a little piece of me thought, "that won't happen to me"...
I am here to tell everyone- IT HAPPENED TO ME!
this makes me laugh...
Here are some things that I know now (for sure) to be true:

1. All that great pregnancy hair really did fall out. In handfuls. For weeks and weeks and weeks- starting around 3 months postpartum.  I now have baby hairs that stick straight up.

2. All my magazines sit in piles by my nightstand for months on end. Sadly, I haven't read a full book in 6 months.

3. Going out to dinner is more stressful than it's worth- heaven forbid we mess with the baby's sleep schedule!

4.  For that matter- doing every errand with a baby is twice as hard- gone are the days of just jumping in and out of the car...

5. I have baby spit-up on my clothes almost always.  If it's not machine washable- I don't wear it.  Goodbye silk blouses!

6. There is an endless amount of stuff to buy.  It is important to always think about the musts vs. lusts.  In the end, the stuff is not what matters.

7.  Relationships with friends and family change, mostly for the better.  No one really comes to visit me anymore- they really just want to see the baby!  (I can't blame them- he IS so cute!)

8.  People look at you and treat you differently.  I am now part of the club: Parenthood!  I often feel a lot of empathy from strangers- I believe that seeing a new mom takes people back to that place and they remember how they too were just trying to keep it all together. It is wonderful!
My mother-in-law bought this magnet for me- If J.D. Salinger said it- it must be true!
9. Caffeine is a parents best friend.  No matter how much rest, or exercise, or any of those good things that we try to do- nothing helps more than some coffee.  I totally get why playgroups meet at coffee shops.

10.  Every sacrifice, change, sleepless night is completely worth it. Having a baby is the most wonderful experience and truly a blessing.  I can't even imagine going back to life before baby.  It already feels so far away.

In another six months I am sure I will have discovered a whole new set of things to be true about parenthood.  But, for now I am listening closely to the advice of friends and strangers...

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