Friday, February 24, 2012

Seriously Styled

Baby J and I spotted some really cute looks yesterday while shopping with a friend.  JCrew and Baby Gap never seem to fail when it comes to adorable children's clothing.

Some cute looks at JCrew for the kids- I love the sparkle bow for the little miss and the green shorts for the boy make a serious look a little more playful

Maybe for an adult spring party somewhere on the east coast (JCrew)

 These clothes look more like it for kids play clothing- love the bright laces on the tennis shoes. And hot pink for the girl is a no-brainer (JCrew)

 Baby Gap was looking a bit serious.  Maybe getting ready for Easter?  I am just not sure that little boys need to wear ties.  There is plenty of time for ties in the years ahead...  But I do love a little linen for the boys.

What do you think of these more serious dressed up looks for the kids?

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