Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Newborn Must-Haves

A pregnant mom recently asked me about things she should have ready when the baby arrives.  Even as prepared as I was with all the typical things, Daddy and Grandma still had to make a few trips to find some missing pieces.  Here are some odds and ends that I liked having...

Circo® 2pk Changing Pads For Bassinet and Changing Table
Circo Changing Pads
The early days of diapering are not pretty, and having a boy there are often last minute tinkle surprises. These pads have saved me from having to wash the entire changing pad cover all the time.  I love them and still use them.

Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment - 14 oz Jar
Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment
Like I said, the early days are not pretty.  This really helped the tushy situation.  And we still use it all the time.  

Kee-Ka Small Change Organics Long Sleeve Kimono
Kee-Ka Long Sleeve Kimono
Kimono style clothing is such a saving grace.  It is great to not have to struggle trying to get things over a new baby's head- and they just have a cute look to them.  Baby J wore a lot of Gerber brand kimono shirts and onesies in the early months, especially since he was born in the heat of summer.

Baby Soy Kimono Bundler
Baby Soy Kimono Bundler
These Baby Soy gowns are wonderful. They were some of the only ones that I found long enough for Baby J- and they are affordable at $14.  I also really like the Baby Gap ones, but they are not kimono style... 

Dr. Brown's Clear 4 oz Bottle (3pack)
Dr. Browns Bottles
Even though I breastfed I still had to supplement a bottle the first few days... These are the bottles that most every doctor recommends.  Do yourself a favor- even if you think you will absolutely not give your baby a bottle- buy them anyways... Things happen.  Baby J had a bottle and formula the first couple days while we got the swing of things, and he still nursed for months perfectly fine.  Buy them.

Gerber Good Start 2 Gentle Plus Pwdr - 3pk
Gerber Good Start Formula
While you are at it- buy the formula.  Gerber was also recommended by my doctor and the only one that my baby tolerates.  Everyone has their preferences, but it probably is a good idea to have a little bit on hand just in case... Even if you are going to nurse.  The baby has to eat, especially if your milk doesn't come in for a few days.  And sometimes nursing just doesn't work out for everyone.  And that is okay! 

sootheTIME Zzztime Snooze Wrap Plus, Sage
Before the Baby J was born I thought I wanted to swaddle him in those cute Aden & Anais blankets.  As cute as Baby J looked in them, he would wiggle out of them a second later.  I finally got smart and got a couple straightjacket's (swaddlers) and voila!  No more struggling to make it work. Stick the baby in, wrap 'em tight, Velcro, and no more wiggling out!!  

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