Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Mama Must-Haves

The days after Baby J was born are a total blur in my mind.  I do remember that there were certain things that really made me happy, and helped me get through those initial days and weeks.  Everyone has their own comforts in life- here were mine postpartum...

Long Sleeve V-neck Lace Trim Nursing 3 Piece Set
3-piece pajama set
A decent looking set of pajamas.  Many people came to see Baby J.  There was no way I was really getting dressed everyday. So I wore this. It it the softest fabric in the world and I feel that it is decent looking compared to the other maternity options out there.  It was great having a lounge/pajama outfit that was accommodating to the post-pregnancy body and still looked pulled together when friends came by.  I love that it came with a matching "jacket".  I actually wore it in the hospital too. 
Gilligan & OMalley® Womens Side Sling Nursing Tank - Assorted Colors
Gillian O'Malley Nursing Tank
I absolutely swear by these tanks if you are nursing.  The are the most comfortable, wear with everything, live in them all day long tops.  And, they are sold at Target.  I bought expensive tanks, and I searched high and low for the right ones- these are the best.  Buy one in each color.  The entire time I nursed I wore these under everything.  In case you are wondering- the top part unsnaps to just reveal one chi-chi at a time.  So much better than lifting your entire shirt up. 
Boppy Bare Naked Pillow with Sunny Day Slipcover - Multicolor
I wasn't sure how useful it was going to be- but the Boppy really is a cool thing.  Eventhough a newborn baby is so little and light, it is nice to have some support because the baby gets heavy in your arms, especially during those middle of the night feedings.  I love our Boppy, and we still use it sometimes to support Baby J now that he is sitting upright by himself. 

Vintage Bottles for Spa Products

Do yourself a favor and have some nice bath products in your shower.  Finding a moment to take a shower and enjoy it was (and still is) a luxury.  When you finally get the chance, make it worth while with some special products that make you feel good. 

Some of the best advice that I received (and took) was to let people help you out.  Having my family around to help me those first few weeks was really priceless.  A thoughtful friend even came over and held Baby J just so I could take a long, hot shower.  Bliss. 

Cozy Robe, Small, White
Pottery Barn Cozy Robe
Another great suggestion I read along the way was to buy yourself something new to enjoy once you get home from the hospital.  With everything that we go through in childbirth, it is nice to have something special waiting for you when you get home.  A cozy and soft bathrobe really would be the perfect welcome home present for mommy.

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