Monday, February 13, 2012

Candy Cravings

In preparation for Valentines Day tomorrow, I have sweet things on my mind... I ventured over to Dylans Candy Bar where once again I fell in love with all of their adorable candy themed goodies.  The candy and chocolate selections are incredible and they have such delicious calorie-free treats...

Dylan's Candy Bar Candy Spill Footie - Infant
Dylans Candy Bar Spill Footie
Every baby should get to celebrate Valentines Day (eve) in these. 

Dylan's Candy Bar - Maclaren Stroller
Dylan's Candy Bar- Maclaren Stroller
Such a sweet ride- it even comes with a candy-spill rain-cover

Dylan's Candy Bar Metallic Candy Spill Clutch
Dylan's Candy Bar Metallic Candy Spill Clutch
Perfect for a few mama-necessities to throw in the stroller or diaper bag. 

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